GLENCOE MODELS was created by Nick Argento in 1987 with the aim to reissue many classic model kits from earlier years.

Many of these models had been long abandoned by their original companies, and many of those companies no longer exist - and haven't for many a year.

But these kits represented not only part of the history of the hobby, but also illustrated many aspects of design, technology and engineering from an earlier era.

Nick Argento
Nick Argento, CEO and founder of Glencoe Models at one of the annual Hobby Shows, that were held in Chicago in October.
The Glencoe Models' stand at the Chicago Hobby Shows. Beside the range of kits available, the television image shows Nick Argento when he was interviewed for the BBC TV series Future Fantastic Nick Argento
Nick Argento

For the BBC series, Future Fantastic, Nick Argento was filmed at the monument that celebrates the launch of the world's first liquid-fuelled rocket, 26th March 1926, by Robert H. Goddard.

This is in Auburn, Massachusetts, and is now on the local golf course!

Goddard lectured at Clark University in Worcester, MA, where Nick Argento also went to college. (Though much later!)

One of the film sequences in Future Fantastic in Nick's office at the Glencoe Models' factory, near Auburn, MA

- two stills that actually use GLENCOE MODELS' kits
- left - the Space Wheel
- right - the 3-Stage Rocket



Nick Argento - FF
Nick examining a steel tool that could become part of the Glencoe Models' range
Parts turned off for one of the several ships kits rescued by Glencoe Models.