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Nick Argento

Here at Glencoe Models, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are ill with the corona virus or quarantined waiting for test results. This a time when the entire planet needs to stand united.

As I am sure you know, it appears that the virus does not live long on hard surfaces, so model kits should be fine.

At Glencoe Models, none of our employees are ill or showing any symptoms of the virus. Please take note that the only person who handles Glencoe Models products is myself. I run the Glencoe Models tools, do all the packaging myself, and handle all the shipping. The rest of the staff do other general injection molding, which is the main part of our business. 

So far, I am fine.

Many of us will end up out of work whether being quarantined or furloughed because of work stoppage.  Allow me to list some tips for that spare time...

Of course build a model - but build something different.

If you only build WWII aircraft? Try some other subject such as a hotrod, rocket, or 'go early' with a WWI airplane.

You only build modern jets? Paint a figure and use those metal-finish skills on a knight.

If you only usually build armor – build a dinosaur – a big one – and put it in a diorama.

If you only build WWI aircraft in plastic – for a change make one out of balsa wood & tissue.

You only build cars? 'Soup one up - Hot-Rod it!

Build a railroad layout.  Trains are gender neutral so you can include everyone in the family.  When I bought my daughter her first train set, my wife was critical until we set it up and then guess who was most  excited?


Model credits :
Knight from the Phil Ceparano Collection
T-Rex from the Andy Yanchus Collection


...and for yourself

Stay positive.


Remember to exercise and get some fresh air.

Turn off the TV - except for specific programs you really want to watch.
Your time is more valuable than 99% of what is on the tube.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a hobby shop and that has remained open, support that shop instead of online.  They have rent to pay too.


What am I going to do if I close the shop temporarily?

Hopefully get some molds of my own run.

I have a couple model projects I want to play with.  I have been thinking about Steam Punk’ing a covered wagon or changing-up an XV-1 Convertiplane into something even more bizarre.  I call it “Go Crazy!

I have some figures from overseas I have primed but never painted.

I have a junk room I desperately need to clean (if you told me the real NCC 1701 Enterprise was in there, I would not be able to find it) 

There are some food recipes I have never tried.

I need to start a regimen of stretching exercises. I am getting stiff as I mature. It hurts when I bend over to pick up things.

Read Lord of the Rings – again.

Drop a short block hemi into a PT Cruiser , chop it a bit, and add slicks.  Yah, that’s a fantasy.
(Though maybe not for my webmaster...)